American Bulldog came from England. English Bulldog breed a dog genes were produced by changing a little more coarse and hard. This is derived from the English Bulldog dog  long-legged, more agile and faster. II. AmericanBulldog about to be destroyed after World War II, buldog has continued its thanks to John D. Johnson.

American Bulldogs are used for hunting bear, squirrel, raccoon and wild boar. It has accomplished its mission about shepherd’s dog and watchdog. American farmers liked it with its strength, protection, wisdom, and working with perseverance. Today it is mostly used for hunting, guarding and tracking. Being brave and resolute; this breed is shy and not aggressive towards humans and animals. İt likes children, absolutely obedient to the owner. It is Calm and you can leave it at home. But garden is its ideal place.

American Bulldog has even more agilely and lively, according  BritishBulldog.Some of the mleaping(buck)high to 2 feet or more high. A huge head, powerful jaws, there is a muscular appearance.Despite this large bulk as if they are dancing on your feet. Males than females visibly strong and muscular.

Unlike American Stafford Terrier and the American PittBull Terrier’a of Aggression. American Bulldog brave, earnest and thoughtful, but not hostile. Even the wild animals and can fight with the bulls. Even though the fight ‘crocodile and python-headed snake’ is like. Listens to a very good education there. Indeed, brave, loyal and loving. Has the ability to receive strong protection instinct and early training. Other dogs may be frustrated and against foreigners. Always happy when with his family. Short and easy to maintain because it is hard hairy. Brushed with a wire brush or comb appropriate. so there is no need for frequent washing. It is easier to maintain than long haired.

Character Properties

relationship with other dogs


relationship with pets


deal with children


behavior with foreigners


obedience level


level education


Protection feature


need to exercise




Size and Weight

Breed size


Height of males

58 – 61 cm

Height of females

56 – 58 cm

Weight of males

18 – 23 Kg
Weight of females

18 – 20 Kg


Characteristics of a feather

Length of feather

short pile
Structure of feather

Single-story, thin-haired tough.

The need clomb

2 weeks simply brushing

Shaving and Bath

There is no need to shave. Can be washed when necessary.
Casting a feather

A feather will fall moderately

Colors carried by

Brown, beige, white, shades, spotted, stained.


breed Characteristics


Blushing, Shy, quiet, brave, loyal, affectionate.
malignant tumors

Skilled Positions

Watchman, Hunter.

lived climate

The most suitable habitats


diseases which in inclined

Hip Dysplasia

living time

16 Years



Breed group

Others name

Old Country Bulldog

Club is affiliated to




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